My Sankofa aka Odyssey"

| 27 May, 2017 21:13

My worse fear on returning to America after living and earnings a living in west-Africa eleven (11) years as a jewelry-craftsman were to depend on someone or organization for a job.. And All praises to the Creator, it wasn't necessary.. Thanks to the wisdom of a dear friend, Dr. Margaret Burroughs who during one of her visits to Ghana, I enquired as to could I earn a living as a craftsman when I return to America?
"Kojo, no one gonna give you a job unless you've been authenticated, so your best bet is to do as you have done here (Africa) MAKE YOUR OWN JOB. which eased my mind on the matter.
1st, seek out Afro-centric minded Americans that supported Black Artist & their Artworks. Long story shorten;
Check out "MY SANKOFA" or "THE ARTIST'S ODYSSEY.” Or both For