The Artist’s Odyssey” Part-2 Hong Kong

| 19 September, 2017 00:33

"The Artist’s Odyssey” Part 2:


We (a group of 5 seniors, organized by Carmen Blake founder of, Brockman Institute) Had a very enlightening Asian tour and I Would appreciate your feedback before publishing  ebook and paperbacks on the demand.. via "P.O.D". 

Hong Kong, where we arrived a few hours before Typhoon Hato made its landfall in Macau, the mainland of China, costing extensive damage. we witness some of the after effects via photos as seen during the first 6 minutes of my slideshow, when we dared to leave our hotel and dashed across a deserted street to purchase a few items from a 7up Store, which was the only business open in the area. My first impression was how well organized and efficient the Chinese are, which was exhibit throughout our 12 days visit in Asia. The following day, we took off to explore the city, with the exception of Macau, which was still suffering from Typhoon Hato. it was a dream come true journey.