To my Families, Friends and Future Art-Collectors

| 18 January, 2017 17:16


I’ve always desired to be an artist, the problem which was continually pointed out to me was how would I earn a living,, which took the first 32 years of my life to discover the solution. Or my Solution, which was creating custom made jewelry that people would purchase and wear as adornments while living in Africa, which was a born again experiences, and a source of survivor. A lifesaving discovery that I touched on in "MY SANKOFA". Which was really made clear to me on my return to America after living in eleven years (11 1965 to 1976) in Ghana & West-Africa, where I were tutored by African Craftsmen, after they discover my artistic skills,, and that’s not to leave out the Traders of arts & crafts.

Now reflecting back on those days & years, If only we’d had the technology that available today; it would’ve been like a piece-of-cake.. But, on the other hand we might’ve not developed the skills we now process?

Now in the last years of my life, I'll admit that with the exception of one year, (1950/51) they've been good and very creative,

Now after 35 years of jewelry designing and lost-wax casting, I have returned to my first love, oil painting, and added a newly found one, photography. In fact, I've done everything the doubter I've encounter in life, said I couldn't do,, and wrote books (memoirs) in hope of inspiring others. See Details below:


Like an old friend once told me.. “Kojo, you better blow your own horn, cause nobody else going to do it.”

Thank you much, Dr. B,, aka Dr. Margaret G. Burroughs, & may she RIP.